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Welcome to Sad Fantasy

Sad Fantasy is a composer, musician and visual artist based in North Wales, UK. The majority of Sad Fantasy music is written for specific purposes like guitar courses, YouTube videos and TV, and therefore can vary dramatically in style from electronic ambience and dance music to rock guitar music, neo classical and world music.


Click the music or videos link to hear Sad Fantasy music that was written for particular jobs. The guitar music was written for the GCH Guitar academy course, as exercises and lessons in specific guitar techniques and therefore you can learn to play the music if you like it. The dramatic music and soundtracks were written to accompany short films and advertising. And finally dance music for Christian clubs in USA. The Sad Fantasy, childhood album is an experimental album influenced by Ibiza chill out music or mellow dance.


As an unsigned artist Sad Fantasy is always looking for new outlets for music, so if you have a none profit or educational project that would benifit from one of my tunes I wont charge you anything, and in the past I have already provided soundtrack for several college projects. Commercial project are always welcome, so please contact me with any proposition you might have. email